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Who Is Behind Balance Mediation?

Balance Mediation is an organisation run by myself,  Maura Rose. I have been delivering mediation and restorative justice training and interventions for over 15 years. Starting out as a volunteer I quickly moved up through the ranks and became manager of Bolton Mediation, a successful mediation service in the North West of England. Since leaving Bolton Mediation in 2012 I moved to Bulgaria and used some restorative justice techniques in the classroom while teaching English and have taken on occasional freelance work in mediation training and delivery. I moved back to the UK and started up Balance Mediation, in 2014, to take this work further.

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What are my Services?


Mediation is an independent, non-judgemental process facilitated by an independent third party bringing together people or organisations in conflict.  Read more…

Restorative Justice

 Restorative mediation is about using a set of principles to aid the recovery of anyone involved in a crime or incident, be it victim, offender, witness.

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Training is a great, way to bring people together, to unite goals and objectives, to learn from each other, to enjoy the day and to become committed to their job once again.

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Conflict coaching

It may be that you are experiencing a conflict at the moment and don’t know how to handle it or that you have noticed a pattern in how you deal with conflict and want to change that pattern to get better relationships with others and better results for everyone.

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